Deadly Accurate Scoring Irons + Forgiving Long Irons.

Even players who prefer the look of a traditional iron sometimes find the lower lofts more difficult to hit with the higher trajectories quality long iron play demands. Others are simply a bit intimidated by the smaller look at address. So Ben Hogan has pioneered the first players iron to offer a hollow option in the lower lofts of 20 to 31 degrees.

The FT. WORTH hi irons seamlessly blend to the FT. WORTH solid forged irons, but offer a slightly larger face profile, wider sole and more forgiving weight distribution at the long end of the set. The hollow forged construction in these lofts delivers higher ball flights and an improved measure of perimeter weighting for more forgiveness in the clubs where it is most needed.


Forgiveness where you need it most.

The FT. WORTH hi irons are uniquely forged in two pieces, a unique construction that delivers the feel that is extremely important even in the lower lofts. The MS300 face is slightly thicker than most hollow irons, for more green-holding performance, rather than just raw distance. To ensure optimum feel, the face and hosel are forged together so there is no joint or weld line to compromise feel. The 1025CS forged back cavity is then precisely welded to the hosel/face piece using a CNC robotic welder.

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The lower the loft, the more help they give you.

Each golfer can determine just where to have their set of FT. WORTH irons integrate with the hi design. You can have your one, two or three lowest lofts take advantage of the FT. WORTH hi playability features, and be assured of a clean visual transition from your solid FT. WORTH forged irons. In the higher lofts – 28 to 31 degrees, the hi model is only slightly larger than the FT. WORTH iron of the same loft. That difference in face profile, weight distribution and sole width gradually increases as the loft decreases to ensure visual consistency at address.

This construction process allows us to enlarge the overall profile for increased forgiveness, while lowering the center of gravity to measurably increase ball speed, spin and landing angle efficiency. All of these characteristics add up to a more forgiving and more playable long iron for all golfers.

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Unmatched precision all the way through the set.

Whether you are integrating your FT. WORTH hi irons into a set of FT. WORTH irons . . . or any other irons you might play . . . only the Ben Hogan PreciseLoft™ System allows you to achieve absolute precision in the process.

The FT. WORTH hi irons are available in every loft from 31 degrees down to 20 degrees, so that you can achieve optimum distance gapping in the long end of your set. You only need to migrate to the hollow construction exactly at the loft you want.

We recommend 4º between clubs for nearly all golfers, which actually “de-compresses” the loft gapping that has become common to other irons, so that you can re-condense the loft gaps at the long end of your set for improved scoring range performance.


The most versatile sole in golf for better long-iron shotmaking.

In the FT. WORTH hi irons, the sole design is wider than a comparable FT. WORTH iron . . . or any other ‘players iron’ . . . to ensure more forgiving turf interaction and to help you hit higher, softer-landing trajectories for which the best long iron players have long been noted.

The lower main bounce ensures proper turf interaction on tighter lies, while the higher leading edge bounce prevents digging and improves fairway bunker performance.


Every loft, more shafts, and legendary Ben Hogan quality.

Only Ben Hogan offers every iron, hybrid and wedge we make in every loft imaginable. We believe that’s the only way to give each golfer the exact set make-up they require for their best performance.

In addition, Ben Hogan offers the most expansive selection of shafts and grips of any brand, and builds each club to the legendary Ben Hogan standards for quality and precision.

We invite you to visit our Ben Hogan Online Performance Center to take advantage of our Bag Mapping Analysis and our online fitting experiences.