The most accurate and forgiving Hogan blades ever.

When Mr. Hogan started his company in 1953, he did so to “design and manufacture the best clubs in golf” with “the most exacting tolerances.” With the FT. WORTH irons, the “Ben Hogan” name raises the bar once again.

Our goal was to achieve the ultimate combination of feel, consistency, accuracy and forgiveness. Forged from premium 1025 Carbon Steel, these new irons incorporate a number of industry-first technologies to give more golfers a level of precision never before seen in the game.

Ben Hogan Golf Europe

Most of what you ‘think’ you know about irons might be wrong.

Robotic testing proves that perimeter weighting has been pushed too far. To impart sufficient and consistent energy to the golf ball, there simply has to be mass behind the point of impact. Most modern iron designs are like trying to drive a nail with a hammer turned on its side.

The new ‘Hogans’ distribute the mass around and behind the primary impact area of the face… not the entire clubhead. So they deliver more energy where it counts. Golfer and robot testing against top brands of irons prove the new ‘Hogans’ deliver much better shot-to-shot distance consistency, and directional accuracy that is as good or better as well.

Just as long. More accurate. And more forgiving. We believe Mr. Hogan would approve.

Ben Hogan Golf Europe

A perfectly matched set of irons shouldn’t match at all.

The industry is stuck on the notion that a ‘matched’ set of irons means they all look alike. But why should a pitching wedge look exactly like a 6-iron? They are as different in loft and function as the 6-iron and 3-wood.

So the new Hogan FT. WORTH irons apply the most dynamic progressive weighting in golf club history. Each iron in your set looks slightly different than the next one. And each one is optimized for performance for that specific loft.

Your long irons are more forgiving. Your mid-irons more precise. And your short irons and wedges are virtual dart-throwers. They are, quite frankly, the most accurate irons you can play.

Ben Hogan Golf Europe

The most versatile sole in the game.

Turf conditions are never consistent, and your swing path is altered to hit different shots . . . or by accident. So how could you ever expect one bounce to be right all the time? And how could you ever “fit” bounce at all?

At the heart of every Hogan iron & wedge is the renowned V-SOLE® design. Invented by Hogan wedge architect Terry Koehler, it has been proven for years with tens of thousands of golfers of all skill levels.

By blending a high-bounce front section with a low-bounce main portion, the V-SOLE® works with any lie or shot you might face. It really is that simple.

Ben Hogan Golf Europe

An unmatched commitment to precision.

The FT. WORTH irons depart from conventional numbering by marking each iron with its actual loft. This ultimate expression of precision iron play reflects Mr. Hogan’s insistence on having consistent distance gaps between his irons.

The benefits to your game are numerous. First of all, it allows us to ‘decompress’ the clubs at the long end of your bag, and tighten your distance control in your scoring clubs. By crafting irons in every loft from 20-47 degrees, and by re-aligning the length differentials between clubs, only the FT. WORTH irons allow you to carry one less longer iron and one more higher-lofted iron.

This approach to re-inventing your irons also allows each golfer to custom-fit their lofts to their individual launch angle preferences. Four launch angle profiles within the FT. WORTH irons raises the custom-fitting bar significantly.

The end result is a more precise set of irons that gives you accuracy and pinpoint distance control in prime scoring range . . . where you need it most.

Ben Hogan Golf Europe

Your own “tour caddy” to help you learn your distances.

You will get used to seeing the loft instead of a conventional number very quickly. But to make it easier, we provide you with your own custom yardage chart for reference. Analysis of thousands of golfer profiles enables us to predict your yardages based on your HoganFit profile. Each set of FT. WORTH irons comes with a pre-printed bag tag to serve as your starting point.

Because each golfer is slightly different, we also include a blank bag tag so you can build your own reference card as you get some experience with your new ‘Hogans’. It is one more expression of our commitment to the precision Mr. Hogan defined and insisted upon.

Ben Hogan Golf Europe
Ben Hogan Golf Europe