Introducing the PTx. The most advanced Hogan irons ever.

We talked to hundreds of golfers who said they wanted more out of their irons. More forgiveness of their off-center hits . . . penetrating trajectories in their scoring irons . . . higher ball flight in their lower lofts . . . the confidence of a slightly larger profile at address . . . and more offset.

But none of them wanted to give up the solid feel and ability to hit different golf shots which has long been the domain of forged irons.

So, we created the PTx. The first game improvement iron that gives you the confidence and forgiveness you desire, with the feel, precision and consistency you refuse to give up.


Big challenges require bold solutions.

The PTx also breaks new ground with our revolutionary titanium co-forging process. You want feel and distance control in the higher lofts – 32 to 47 degrees – and that’s just what you get with the PTx. Our industry-first co-forged titanium core in the center of each iron removes just the right amount of mass from the center of the clubhead, while preserving face thickness and optimizing perimeter weighting for better shotmaking precision where it counts the most.

In the lower lofts, however, a progressive hollow construction ensures higher ball flights, while the thicker face technology delivers a steeper landing angle with more spin to hold the green on your long approaches.


Perfect trajectories throughout your set.

Ballooning short iron shots? Hard to hit long irons? These are problems common to nearly every game improvement iron design on the market.

So we fixed them.

The PTx iron is the first to deliver optimized launch angles throughout the set by engineering a consistently-positioned center of mass in relation to the golf ball. So you’ll get more penetrating trajectories in your higher lofted scoring irons – the key to hitting it close time after time. But you’ll also get a nice, high ball flight with your lower lofted irons, with a steeper landing angle and more spin to hold greens from long range.

The innovative PTx presents a seamless visual transition from the outside . . . but a radical transition from iron to iron “under the hood”.


As close to perfection as you can get.

In the ultimate commitment to precision, the PTx irons are offered in every loft from 20 to 47 degrees. Each iron is numbered with its exact loft, rather than the conventional “5”, “8” or “P”. This allows you to say “no” to the inefficient loft gapping of every other set of game improvement irons, and build your set of PTx irons around the more precise and efficient loft gapping of 4 degrees between clubs throughout the set.

The 28 lofts can be arranged in four different configurations to produce exactly the right launch profile to fit your game:

High Launch Loft Profile: 23/27/31/35/39/43/47
Mid Launch Loft Profile: 22/26/30/34/38/42/46
Low-Mid Launch Loft Profile: 21/25/29/33/37/41/45
Low Launch Loft Profile: 20/24/28/32/36/40/44


Improved turf interaction for shotmaking versatility.

The PTx irons’ V-SOLE® combines a high- and low bounce in the sole of each iron to deliver improved shotmaking versatility, while offering an improved measure of forgiveness and adaptability to varying turf conditions.


The most precise custom process in the industry.

Serious golfers prefer custom fit irons, so the Ben Hogan PTx irons are offered in the widest array of lofts and shaft options in the industry, many at no extra charge. Combined with the advantages of the PreciseLoft™ system and other innovations, the legendary Ben Hogan quality standards ensure that the golfer has the most precise set of irons in the game today.