Equalizer II Wedge - Head Only

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We’ve pushed the design envelope with Ben Hogan Equalizer II wedges to bring golfers the highest level of performance and the feel only a premium forging can provide. Available in multiple lofts, finishes, and a “Texas Grind” for tight lies.


Forged wedges provide the feel and feedback cast wedges simply can’t provide. That’s because the forging process allows steel to maintain molecular integrity and uniform grain flow; things that are destroyed when metal material is melted down into liquid form. More importantly, though, a forged club will have a uniform, soft density from toe to heel, and sole to topline. This provides consistent performance because hot spots and imperfections in the hitting area are eliminated.

In terms of spin, the face of a wedge is where the rubber meets the road. If ball contact isn’t optimized, especially around the green, nothing else matters. That’s why we CNC mill the face of Equalizer II wedges. It’s an extra step that we take to ensure that the face is absolutely, completely flat and free from any imperfections. Plus, it allows us to add a slightly textured surface between the grooves for more spin.

And speaking of spin, you’ll love how fast your short shots stop on the green. Equalizer II wedges incorporate the most aggressive U-shaped grooves allowed. We machine cut these into the face at precise increments after the forging and finishing processes are complete. The result? Less run out on the green and more shots left closer to the hole.


Equalizer II wedges remove discretionary weight from the perimeter and place it behind the impact area to optimize trajectory for each individual wedge loft.

In terms of shaping, they’re designed to be clean and classic – from their straighter leading edges to their rounded toes – and will never distract from the task at hand. Their sizing is comparable to the most popular wedges on tour.


Equalizer II Wedges are available in two grind options: Standard (all lofts) and Texas Grind (available in 50, 54, and 58 degree lofts).

Both grinds use our V-Sole® geometry to deliver unmatched versatility across in each of our wedge lofts. It includes a high bounce leading edge and a softer, more gradual trailing edge so Equalizer II wedges glide through any turf condition or sand consistency.

The “Texas Grind” is a great choice for firmer conditions or those who have shallower attack angles and can benefit from the enhanced versatility of lower-bounce wedges.

The Texas Grind has added sole and heel relief to reduce interaction with the ground. The tour-inspired sole geometry also allows the clubhead to be laid wide open making it easier to pick shots clean of even the tightest of lies.


48 35.500 64.00 23 6 0.076
50 35.500 64.00 23 6 0.076
50 TEXAS GRIND 35.500 64.00 23 6 0.076
52 35.250 64.25 23 7 0.063
54 35.250 64.25 23 7 0.063
54 TEXAS GRIND 35.250 64.25 23 6 0.063
56 35.125 64.50 23 8 0.045
58 35.125 64.50 18 4 0.045
58 TEXAS GRIND 35.125 64.50 23 6 0.045
58 TEXAS GRIND 35.00 64.50 23 6 0.045
58 TEXAS GRIND 35.00 64.50 23 6 0.045